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The GeV Camera System is an all-in-one security DVR for local and remote networked surveillance environments. The GV-DVR features mighty networking and quality transmission that enable remote access to surveillance sites using GeoVision remote applications, handheld devices or Smartphone.

The system is designed to simplify the integration with Point-of-Sale, license plate recognition and central monitoring systems. It is a comprehensive and powerful DVR solution suitable for the areas where constant video and audio surveillance is critical, such as casinos, shopping malls, chain stores, gas stations, offices, banks and public utilities.

  • 1. Hard Disk
  • 2. Power LED
  • 3. Hard Disk Active LED
  • 4. DVD Re Write
  • 5. Power Switch
  • 6. Reset Buttom
  • 7. Key Lock
  • 8. USB Ports
  • 1. IO
  • 2. D-Type Audio Port
  • 3. RCA TV Output
  • 4. Video Port
  • 5. RS-485
  • 6. RJ-11
  • 7. Ethernet Port
  • 8. USB Port
  • 9. PS/2 Input



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