Voip Solution


  • Imagine being able to add a telephone extension to your system with the phone located somewhere else in the world, or working in a hotel room where your laptop is transparently functioning as your office extension, or driving down the highway and taking a call on your cell phone and being able to transfer the caller to your office accounting department, or browsing the web to access your call handler and then redirecting a caller from your office voice mail to your cell phone in real time.
  • With IP PBX solutions from Young Usa IT Services . these capabilities and much more can be a reality. These systems are easier to use, easier to manage, easier to grow, and Traditional PBX solutions from Young Usa IT Services. Help bridge the gap between low-cost and feature-rich. When needed, we can provide a very cost effective PBX solution with all of the features you would expect from a traditional system and more, but priced within your budget.
  • Traditional solutions from Young Usa IT Services can find that perfect blend between budget-conscious and feature-rich VoIP comes in two basic flavors: hardware-based services that use a converter box between your broadband Internet router and a regular touchtone phone, and software-based services that require a computer.
  • Major hardware VoIP services such as those from Vonage and EarthLink fall into the first category, and are detailed on our plan comparison page. The software-based services, like GloPhone and GoogleTalk, are user-friendly descendants of the original hacker-level VoIP packages.
  • These PC-based systems handle call-processing duties on your internet-connected computer instead of on a separate dedicated box or phone, and most lack complete call-and-receive interconnect services to public phone networks. You can use your computer's built-in speakers and microphone, or inexpensive USB headsets and handsets.
  • Young Usa IT Services , calling to other Young Usa IT Services users is free, while the ability to receive calls from and make calls to outside phone numbers is available for a fee.

Software-Based VoIP

  • PC-based packages have greatly improved in sound quality over the years (especially if you have broadband access and a fast PC), but some are still not at the same level of quality or ease of use as the hardware services, so you will want to try before you buy.
  • Some (such as the new GoogleTalk and Yahoo Messenger betas) only let you talk to other people using the same software, while others, such as Young Usa IT Services , also let you make and receive calls from regular phone users at extra cost. In addition, your PC must be on with the software open unless you use a dedicated handset, such as those available from Young Usa IT Services .
  • Software-based VoIP services like GoogleTalk and Yahoo Messenger generally require computers with compatible programs at both ends to place a call, as well as a broadband connection in between.
  • Quality used to be poor compared to landlines, with a walkie-talkie feel, but has greatly improved in the last few years to near copper quality.
  • Many software-based VoIP packages are free or very affordable, however, and there are usually no call charges unless you want to be able to talk to regular landlines or cell phones. Calls to other VoIP users are usually free.
  • Young Usa IT Services services bridging the gap to landlines. Young Usa IT Services provide you with actual phone numbers you can give to anyone.

VoIP On the Road

  • One of VoIP's coolest features is that it is location-independent. When you move house, you can take your VoIP phone adapter with you, plug it into the broadband connection at your new home, and continue calling without interruption. You should notify your provider of your address change, of course, for billing and E911 purposes, but there will be no interruption of service or change to your phone number. That's true portability.
  • The portability lets you take VoIP on the road when you travel. You can actually take your home phone adapter with you and plug it into any broadband connection, such as that in a hotel, but that would leave your home with phone service for the rest of the family.
  • So what we recommend instead is to choose a plan with extra virtual numbers, or soft-phone service that work through your computer for business travel, and bring along a USB handset. Soft-phone service can be added to some residential hardware-based VoIP plans, or you can sign up for one of the software-only providers like Skype and GoogleTalk.
  • Young Usa IT Services offers a software-based version of its service that.. Since almost all VoIP plans offer multiple numbers and call forwarding, you have complete flexibility in having calls follow you or simply using a second number for business and travel.
  • Of course, software-based VoIP on the road works best for outgoing calls, since you must have your computer on and VoIP software open to receive calls unless you have one of the new handsets from Young Usa IT Services . Whether you're using a notebook or handheld, you'll still need a broadband connection, which you can get at a Wi-Fi hotspot, or with an EDGE/HSDPA or EV-DO high-speed cellular data card or PDA. If you are using cellular broadband access for VoIP, be sure you have an unlimited data plan, or you may run up a huge bill.